5 Reasons Why Teangle is on Every Moms Wishlist 🎉

Here are the big five reasons why moms are ditching coffee and transforming their energy with Teangle!

1. Supermom Energy!

Busy moms are survivors. With a to-do list that never seems to end, they need ENERGY! 90% of the time, their go-to drink for energy is coffee. Which offers a quick boost of energy, but after an hour or two, leaves them feeling even more tired than before. Which is horrible!

How can they expect to take care of their well-being when they have no energy? At Teangle, we want women to THRIVE! One serving of Teangle matcha gives you 4-6 hours of energy.

2. Make It Anyway You Like It




Making a great cup of Teangle matcha is easy! You can prepare it at home or on-the-go (cold or hot) in a matter of seconds. PLUS you can even add our powder to your smoothies and recipes!

3. The Ultimate Money Saver

Big chain coffee shops like Starbucks are costing you a fortune, especially driving to them with gas prices at an all time high. Teangle Matcha comes in at around $0.90c per cup. We've even launched a new subscription program that offers even better pricing and added convenience!

4. We Are Truly Changing The World

We're leading the way for healthy and delicious matcha. We pay a premium to source our matcha and work directly with farmers in Japan. Our products are packaged and shipped from our warehouse in Quebec, Canada to ensure the highest standards of quality.
(Not to mention our matcha is organic).

5. The Fastest Growing Matcha Community

With over 100,000+ customers across Canada, Teangle has also been featured in some of the largest publications and TV shows. #SpreadingPositiveVibes

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